NARPM Designations

By becoming a professional member of NARPM®, you gain access to the ability to earn special designations.  Earning these designations shows your dedication to the increased knowledge, confidence and skills of an industry leading property manager.  These designations are earned with a combination of property management experience, education, and volunteer activities.  You can learn more about NARPM® and it’s designations here.  What designations are available?

Residential Management Professional, RMP®

The RMP® designation is awarded to licensed real estate agents, if your state requires licensing, who complete the required NARPM® coursework, who have hands-on experience in the management of residential property and who have provided service to the national association.

Three of the following courses are required to achieve the RMP® designation:

  • Maintenance Course
  • Marketing Course
  • Operations Course
  • Tenancy Course
  • Technology Course

Master Property Manager, MPM®

The MPM® designation is awarded to members who have the achieved the RMP® designation and have completed additional requirements for education and experience.

MPM® candidates are required to make a substantial contribution of time, talent and professional expertise to further advance the residential property management industry. The candidate must demonstrate proficiency in the management of residential property.

Two of the following courses are required to achieve the MPM® designation:

  • Personnel Practices & Employee Relations
  • Operating a Maintenance Company
  • Risk Management

Certified Residential Management Company, CRMC®


The CRMC® designation is awarded to companies headed by an MPM® that have demonstrated the highest level of professionalism.


Certified Support Specialist, CSS®

The CSS® designation is the newest certification available from NARPM®. NARPM® seeks to become the dominant source for educating and training support specialists in the residential property management industry. A properly trained, well-educated staff member will return untold profits to your bottom line. Virtually all requirements of the CSS designation can be earned at the local level. 

Certified Residential Management Bookkeeper (CRMB®)

The CRMB® designation is the latest designation from NARPM.  To continue to improve the property management industry, we’re striving to be the dominate source for educating and training bookkeepers.

Certified Maintenance Coordinator (CMC®)

The CMC® designation gives you and your business an edge on the competition.  With a CMC, you gain the valuable skills and knowledge that the general industry doesn’t possess.  This designation covers the scope of NARPM’s maintenance courses and shows a higher level of skill in the industry.

For more information on the designations, contact the NARPM® National office at 1-800-782-3452 or visit their designations page.

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